Wednesday, January 8, 2014

       This project has been a great experience. I started this not knowing what I was going to do. Now it's over. I finished it with going into depth about becoming a lawyer and how to get there. I learned so much about about myself and the world around me through these last couple of months, like how I hesitate a lot, instead of just going and taking chances. I also learned that in the world second chances don't come easily, so you have to just go with whatever happens and not screw up. I hope that someone that is chasing there dreams sees this and is inspired by what I did or didn't do to go out and live there life to the fullest, and with no regrets.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

This week I researched about being a lawyer and becoming a lawyer. This information is able to help others who share my passion. This is because I researched all about what a lawyer does and what to do to become a lawyer. I state what you have to do in high school, how many years of college you need to become a lawyer, a lawyers salary, and what a lawyer does.
Recently I have completed my research and the body of the rough draft of my informational piece. Over the next few weeks of the semester I will be completing my informational piece. To complete my goals for this project I will be blogging a few more times because my main goal of this project was to help someone out there find their passion, and try and chase their dreams of whatever they want to do.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

There are many professional opportunities available for me to pursue from my passion; being successful. One of those is being a lawyer. Being a lawyer will be a lot of hard work and require extreme hours. It will also require strict deadlines, dress codes, and papers on the clients, court cases, and findings on many things. Over all being a lawyer seems like a lot work, but I think that it will be a interesting and rewarding career.
Another one is being a professional hockey player. For my whole life I've dreamt of playing in the National Hockey League and be a superstar. That dream i still very much alive and I now know that I will have to put in a lot of hard work and get lucky to play in this league, but i'm willing to put in the hours and hope for the best.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

During this project I have learned a lot, but the most valuable lesson is, to always have a back up plan. This is my most valuable lesson learned because i have had to come up with things that are outside of the box or “new” because sometimes I take the wrong path; like the first time I tried to research about lawyers and a whole list of attorneys came up instead of how to become one and what its like being one. This lesson will help me through the rest of this project because during this I guarantee that I will have to backtrack and find a different way of doing something again and again.  
This lesson will help me in life because when i'm out and about in the “real world” I am going to need to know how to revise, edit, and maybe even completely change something that i’m doing so that I can try and achieve the outcome that i’m looking for. All in all the single handily most valuable lesson i’ve learned from this project so far is that you always have to have a back up plan.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I've learned a lot about myself during this project so far. One thing that I learned about myself is that I don’t like to talk to people I don't know, because when I called I was really nervous to talk to the people that I needed to. I overcame that fear though, because I ended up carrying myself through that “conversation” like an adult and I got everything that I needed to complete my project.
My strategy for this project was to take it piece by piece. After a piece I see if i need to now backtrack or if I can keep moving forward in the project. A couple problems that happened during this were that the first time I called, I was put on hold for at least 20 minutes, but I left my information and called back a few days later and finally got what I was looking for. I also couldn't decide what to do for my project for awhile and I just thought of this idea the day before I had to start blogging. 
These blogs posts have been easier for me though. I feel like with each post i’m connecting with someone and getting to know myself more while getting to work on something that I like to do. I had one challenge while working on this project so far and its that I have to come up with everything that i’m doing on my own. I find this difficult because in school I've never had to do something like this before in any class and now that I have to think for my own, I find it challenging but rewarding because when you get to the next step in what you're doing you feel accomplished and I feel better about myself knowing that I can come up with great ideas on my own.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I contacted Boston College over the weekend, and I got a response on their end. I was transferred over to another line and I was put on hold until the person was available. they never became available, so I gave my number and hung up.
Through this experience i've learned that you really have to be adjustable. You have to be adjustable because if you're not, nothing will ever work out in your favor, because anything could happen at any minute. I also learned that its always a good thing to have a back up plan.

Friday, October 11, 2013

This week I am searching expert advice. I’m searching for advice from colleges. I am hoping that I will get some ideas on how to begin my career in either professional hockey or a career in law. I’m planning on contacting Boston College because that is the college that I am hoping to get into. I want to get into Boston College because it has a great ice hockey program and a is an all around great college.
I am going to contact Boston College. I’m contacting this college because they have one of (if not the best) hockey programs in the country, as well as amazing classes, teachers, and other sports programs.Talking to Boston College could really help me out because I would be able to learn about how to get into a top college like that, about how to get a law degree so that i can get a job in law, and break into the National Hockey League.